BYOG 2016: Meet Your Finalists!

In the recently concluded BYOG 2016 we had about 50 participants working over a week with Corona SDK to build their own game. Finally, at the end of the sprint on October 22nd we saw a total of 14 submissions. It fell upon the shoulders of Yadu and I to decide our 5 finalists, who will be invited to NGDC 2016 to showcase their games to the Jury and the entire Indian gaming industry.


Out of the 14 submissions, sadly, three games had not submitted a build. There was no way for us to play these games and consider them for the shortlisting process. In the remaining 11 games, the competition was fierce and Yadu and I had a pretty tough time coming up with the final 5. Without much ado, meet your finalists:

Congratulations to the finalists! Welcome to NGDC 2016! Between today and the conference, you have your work cut out for yourselves. Not only do you have to make your games better and polish the hell out of them, you also have to prepare for showcasing the game at the conference. It is not going to be easy, all the best!
At the conference, the jury will pick up two winners for the BYOG 2016. The winner will take away a shiny Apple iPad Pro 9.7" 128GB WiFi model, while the runners up will take home an Apple iPad Mini 4 128GB WiFi.
In addition, our hackathon partners DSCI will also release a shortlist of their own, who will be invited to their annual security summit - AISS 2016.

All the best everyone!

Happy Diwali!






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Whoooow!!! We are there!! Happy to know it. Celebrations boosted and energy reloaded. Happy Diwali to all. All the best.!

Our game is selected and I feel really good about it even though we couldn't make much levels. Thank you for judging the game on the concept. We'll work real hard to show as many levels and features as we can on NGDC.

is NGDC pass will be given for selected games ??

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