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Hello there!
In my previous post, I talked about what is Games from India and why we went about creating it. In this post, I want to focus more on what's here already and how to get the best use out of it. I will follow this up with guides on how to create the different items on the website.
As you may recall, on the NGF Facebook group we were maintaining pages with lists of studios active in India (city-wise) and games released from India (year-wise). Managing these pages on Facebook was cumbersome and it had no backups. In fact, we had lost our company list to some bad edits and could only recreate it with the community's help. Which is when the idea for this portal came about. Using this portal is going to be slightly cumbersome right now, but we are confident that in coming times, this portal will shape up as a formidable showcase of the amazing work being done in India and all the awesome folks behind it.
So, first of all, lets look at whats already here on this website:
People Directory
As soon as you register and activate your account on this website, we add you to our People Directory. The People Directory will be an exhaustive list of all active game developers from India and the work that they are doing. The list is arranged according to your skills in game development (we call them departments on this website) and the city you live in. This directory will also power some of the upcoming features on the website. More details on these upcoming features soon.
Company Directory
You can list your company on this website by filling out a lengthy form. You can go ahead and do it right away, it's okay, we will wait for you - click here. Back? The listing that you make goes into moderation, where we review it and contact the mentioned company to ensure that this is a valid entry. Yes, we manually verify each and every listing being made on this portal. Once approved, your company will start showing up in the Company Directory and also on the Map listing of all studios from India.
Games Directory
Once you have listed your company and it is approved, you can start listing your games on this website by filling in a similarly lengthy form. Again, go ahead, submit a game right now - click here. We will wait. Like companies, when you submit a game, the listing again goes under moderation. Once we verify and valdiate the game, the game will start showing up in our Games directory. This directory is being organised on the basis of Year, Game Name, Genres, Platforms and we could actually make it a lot granular over time.
Also, you can add events and companies related to the game. Made the game at a Jam? Yes, you can showcase that. Won an award? That too! All of these data points are cross linked. So you can refer to companies, events, awards, platforms etc and it will be cross populated across the website. Make it all very insightful and deep.
Event Directory
You can also list your game development listed events on our Event Directory (think of it as an all-India calendar), and you can also use it to stay updated about upcoming events and participate. Again, the content that you submit goes under moderation and shows up only after it is approved.
You know what blogs are, you are reading one. You can similarly post your own blogs on this website to get more reach and visibility for your thoughts and opinions. Like everything else, when you submit a blog post it will go under moderation and show up when we approve it.
Now lets quickly look at some of the upcoming features:
We are actively working on a collaboration center, where companies can provide internships to newbies and individuals and studios can collaborate with each other on games. Then, we are also wondering if users should have a portfolio. We are also looking forward to create interesting insights about demographics of developers, geocentric development behaviors, etc once we get sufficient data on the site. Then, we are also working on a PR section and a media list so that new games get exposure to media. Another feature high in our priority list is to power NGF Awards with this website. So when you submit a game on this website, it will automatically be included as a submission for NGF Awards. Presto!
These are just some thoughts, we are always looking for your feedback to improve this website (please provide some here). We know it is very rudimentary right now, but we promise to keep making it better. Your participation and encouragement is what we need.
Now after such a long post, I will leave you in peace. Do try out all these features and help populate this website.
Have fun!

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