Meet the BYOG Finalists!

Over the past two weeks, the organising team played all the submissions made for the BYOG this year, debated and discussed to arrive at the best 10 games made at this BYOG. We had lots of fun playing the games and it’s really amazing to see the quality bar going a notch higher every year.

This year, due to space constraints at the venue, we are only inviting 5 finalists to showcase their games at the conference, where a panel of jury will play their games and decide the winner.

So we are announcing two lists today: 5 games that are our honorable mentions and then the 5 finalists that will showcase their games at NGDC.

So without much ado, here are our 5 honorable mentions (in no particular order):

Good work teams! We hope that you work more on these games, finish them and release them. We look forward to playing what you finally make from these games.

And now is the time for the 5 finalists that will compete further at NGDC (in no particular order):

Awesomesauce fellas! Work on your games more, polish, polish, polish! You shall be competing for winning the BYOG at the conference. Giddy up and come over to NGDC! You have a lot of work cut out for yourselves. We will reach out to you with further details, but meanwhile make your travel and stay plans for the conference!

We recommend everyone to play all the games made at BYOG, leave your feedback for the developers and encourage them to finish these games and make more games in future.

Have fun!

Psst: Developers, update your game pages with videos, screenshots and banners for the game. Present them well!

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