Welcome to Games from India

Hi there!

Welcome to Games from India (GFI).

GFI is a NASSCOM Gaming Forum (NGF) initiative to collect information about all games, developers and studios from India and make it available in a consumable fashion. Remember those pesky little FB Documents on the NGF FB group? That was the germ of the idea and we wanted to make it available in a more usable way and make it more interactive and easy to maintain. Thus this platform.

However, the platform is in its very early days and we are not ready for mass consumption. Which is why we are inviting select few people to start using this platform and we will then go on and keep adding more people. This way while it is being developed, we get real user feedback too about how everything is shaping up. This will help us design and build a better platform.

In the next post, I will talk about what works on this website and the first few steps of getting started.


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