Mo.Tu. aka Monster Tobu is a physics based puzzle game. The main objective is to feed the alien monster the egg candy. Player simply taps the screen to make the candy jump. Other than just a jump , use various interesting gameplay elements to deliver candy to the monster. One must collect the stars to increase the score.

Mo.Tu. aka Monster Tobu, has different level packs each pack with 20 levels. Each pack opens a new game element with unique challenges.

The game is addictive as well as challenging ! Look for a bonus video on our facebook page !

Features :

  • Stunning visuals and graphics
  • Smooth and realistic physics
  • Multiple level packs with 100 levels
  • Adorable character
  • Constant free updates with new levels and animations
  • Leaderboards & Achievements
  • Social Media Sharing

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December 25, 2015

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The graphics are awesome! The game seems to be interesting:)

Very interesting , will definitely download the first day it comes

Notifying N Interesting Features...Made foh ol...!!!

Awesome graphics !!

Awesome Graphics!!

Nice graphics....interesting game...cooooool :)

Very nice game!! Colorful graphics !!! Like the character!!! Looking forward to download this game !

This game is very smooth.I like your game and your work

The game play looks awesome.. Looking forward to play this game

The main character of the game is really adorable. Graphics are awesome. Very addictive Game!

nice and intuitive game with different concept....

Nice concept

Awesome game.. My daughter has just fallen in love with the character.. Very smooth and engaging..

Interesting.. :)

Nice Graphics

Finally I got new interesting game to play
This game is for everyone one I love playing this game while travelling
grapics are awesome

one of the excellent game, with amazed graphics n features.

The game looks nice.. Will wait for 25th December so that I can download it

I love playing games and the graphics and video of the game look promising. Will download the game and play it for sure.

The video is quite interesting. I am sure the game will be as exciting as the intro video. Looking forward to download it on 25th December

Engaging graphics and nice story depicted in the intro video

Innovative game elements have been used. The game looks great

I love the gameplay video. The game looks exciting.

i must say some innovative game elements have been used.

Absolutely stunning !
A new step for Vayu Digital Studios, this can be a potential game changer and new feather in the cap, good luck and best wishes as always!!!

Game is gonna be a superhit..

Looks super interesting.. Eagerly waiting for it!
Will definitely download it

Really Interesting game, got me completely hooked onto it and love the way the levels have been designed and not to forget the awesome graphics.

Saurabh Randive's picture

Thus game seems very Smith as well as good graphics and physics game... Very much excited for this game

Very interesting game

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