Till the Dawn, Waiting...


A lost pet dog waiting for his master to rescue him in the middle of nowhere. 

Topic:: Harrasment


Use left and right arrows to make decisions.

Mouse click is not included. 

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Game Jam: 

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October 16, 2017

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Akhil Nivarthi's picture

A very well pleasant and sad experience. Nice art and music. Just one suggestion, it would have been nice if you guys showed or let the player play with David once of twice. Maybe a memory of the dog is shown, something like that. To show the bonding between them, instead of just the text. And you guys covered a lot in a very short amount of time, I mean there are 2-3 environmnet settings and lot of converstaions and very well polished. That's a lot for a game jam. Good work.

All the best!!!

Thanks Akhil for the suggestion we will surely take that  into account 

Man i must tell you, excellent work done. Great narrative. Loved the low poly design. Proper connect with emotions as well. And you did all this in 2 days. Loved it

Thanks  for the appreciation Abhineet  Krishna

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