We are a bunch of high energy, crazy, creative and technology focussed people obsessed with building the coolest social experiences on mobile today. We also have a keen eye on the future of gaming! 

How we do things: 
We work fast, break stuff, test everything, respect data and release before we are comfortable. It's a simple process but it takes a lot of work, discipline and belief in what we do to see it through. Keep an eye out for BYOF Studio games on Android and iOS! 

Things you'll see when you walk into BYOF: 
We code and we take selfies. 
We create art and debate database structures. 
We tweet and break down user analytics. 
We make odd sounds and eat lots of dosas. 
It's weird, we all really love dosas. 

We want to hear from you! 
Join us if you want to get on a roller-coaster of game making, technology innovation and plain old fun. 
Come visit our office in Fort, Mumbai anytime! 

BYOF Studios

Founded in 2014
Members 6 - 25
Provides Original IP