Custom Technologies founded early 2013. Kick start of the company was with associate as JWT and client "ITC" , today they are boutique facility based in Mumbai having served organisations like Unilever, Gulf Oil, Modi Spaces, KT Builders, Broadway Malayan, Mahindra , DDeccor and some more so far.

The Infrastructure and Pipeline can produce innovative solutions for ATL, BTL, Activations, Apps, Mobile Games, Motion Sensing, Projection Mapping, Holographic Projection, M&E Software Development and Custom Hardware Design. The benefit of connecting with very Start of the product chain is that one has direct access to the core developers which ensures the best customer service. The Gulf Cricket League is a great testimony as it was deployed in 42 cities and over 30000 players participated.

Custom Technologies is a magnet of beautiful people, through which they are awesomizing interactive technologies. They have a wonderful team comprised of lazy technicians , restless creatives, busy business / finance and a worried data manager.

Custom Technologies

Founded in 2013
Members 6 - 25
Provides Original IP, Gamification, Related Services