Flying Robot Studios is a game development studio based in Calcutta, India.
Established by Satyajit Chakraborty aka Flying Robot  in late 2012, the studio hopes to gain a foothold in the world of indie game development. It strives to create unique games and explore genres that have never been done before. Using a good understanding of  game design, programming know-how and a solid dose of imagination, it believe it can create games that look and feel unique.
The name Flying Robot Studio came from a childhood hero of Satyajit. It was the first artificial being his childhood connected to, emoted to. While he carried this connection into his adulthood, in his job as game designer, may be he can take this further. And explore the ways we humans emote with games and artificial beings.

Flying Robot Studios

Founded in 2012
Members Less than 5
Provides Original IP, Gamification, Related Services