Nilee Games and Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd consists of a talented team of qualified experts. The name itself signifies that we are working towards the never ending future technologies. We have three core verticals within the company which makes Nilee Games and Future Technologies a 360 service provider, those are Gaming, Future Technologies, and Animation & VFX and each vertical has its own expertise in their core area of working.

We provide multiplatform Game Development, Gamification for corporate companies, eLearning and mLearning development, Motion Sensing , AR and VR Applications, Robotics, Game Art Development and Application Development under one roof from conceptualization to end quality product.

GAMIFICATION: Gamification basically is a process of seeding important information and mapping competencies psychologically into user’s mind, which results in the change of their behaviour and thereby increases the productivity within the company and sales from customers, which can be achieved through specially designed Mobile or PC games. Gamification for employees and customers work differently and require a deep understanding of their market segment and consumer behaviour. Nilee Games has successfully gamified many brands and companies, few companies even reported some excellent growth with gamification in their business.

FUTURE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Our technology team work on product and services in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Simulation, Motion Sensing, Embedded Systems, Robotics, and Custom Made Technologies, which can be used in various sectors like Entertainment, Media, Publishing, Pharmaceutical Companies, Housing Company, Manufacturing Companies, Consumer Goods, Education, Retail Market, Banking, Engineering and Construction, Hi-Tech, Automobile Industries, Health Care, Theme Parks, etc.

We are one of the top fastest growing companies and constantly working with multinational companies in Indian and Overseas market.

Nilee Games and Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Founded in 2011
Members 26 - 50
Provides Gamification, Serious Games, Related Services