A casual games development studio. Our first project is Huemory.

Early history

Pixel Ape Studios was founded in 2015 after studio founder (and sole employee) Deepak Menon Madathil left a career in the corporate world to pursue his one true passion: video games. As a child, Deepak loved creating art; but before long, video games crept into his sketchbooks more often than not. At 13 he purchased a book on game development (though, he admits, found more success in playing the free game that came with it than in understanding its lessons).

After that...

Deepak would later go on earn a degree in Computer Science, and start a nearly decade-long career with a technology giant. A trip to New Zealand inspired him to abandon his day job and jump into game development full time. “It was a very risky transition,” Deepak says, “but I have never enjoyed anything else more than this!”

Pixel Ape Studios

Founded in 2015
Members Less than 5
Provides Original IP