The Red & Black is a start up entity that provides services in Animation, Gaming and VFX.  The Red and Black represents the colors of intensity, identity and  impact, The Red & Black believes in presenting the most engaging  entertainment to the people above 13 years of age segment. We at The Red  & Black work to create the products that are class apart and unparalleled in  their quality, vitality and overall experience. The Red & Black  publishes it's content across all major available platforms that makes  the content widely accessible  to the target audience. The Red & Black believes that the business  of entertainment is an Art and Science. We consistently research in  creating art by utilizing the most advanced and industry bench marked technologies available. The Red & Black's Animation and VFX  service is a unique production pipeline that assures to deliver a  "Feel" based entertainment that leaves the audience with more than an  experience but with memories. The Red & Black's core strength lies  in the game development, where it produces games with an objective of  player addiction. Organization's  custom designed production pipeline, documentations and work flow helps  in building The Red & Black to be one of the world's most Reputed,  Reliable and Valuable Entertainment firm in the near future.

Mission: The Red & Black produces the intensified entertainment targeting age group above 13 years.

Vision: Evolving to be the one of the most valuable global brand for entertainment with unique range of portfolio accessible across all available platforms.


Passion - Passion is one word that hanging us from past years to be in the business of entertainment.

Teamwork - Teamwork factor acts as a catalyst to escalate our efforts to much upper level and achieve more than what we can.

Impact - Our works will leave an impact that is unique, class apart and long lasting.

Open Minded - We believe in change, always welcome new things and be flexible in our thoughts and actions.


The Red & Black

Founded in 2015
Members Less than 5
Provides Serious Games