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Launch through a challenge that’s so seemingly simple and full of nostalgia, you won’t be able to silence the inner voice, “just one more time.” It’s a place of shooting balls, platform pipes, basic shapes, and familiar faces. Your goal will require hopping over bottomless gaps by determining angles and waiting for just the right moment. All to be done again and again in the never-ending struggle of triumph.

Aim, Steady, Fire! - Shoot the ball at the proper angle to bounce it off the ceiling and onto the next platform. In addition, collect tokens along the way for a bin of bonuses.

Geometric Warfare - Keep an eye on the moving shapes and mechanisms because unexpected contact could catastrophically effect the ball’s trajectory.

Filled with Personality - Unlock awesome skins that will give your ball the appearance of popular characters and more.

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October 8, 2015

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Bhoopalan I's picture

I don't know who voted 2 for your game. It is a very simple and good game indeed. That's why rated 5.

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