Atlas of Survivors


The themes for the game are Refugees and Generative.

Atlas of Survivors is a survival game featuring procedural 2D map generation where players explore the map as refugees trying to survive in a wasteland. They employ various resources they find on the map while under threat from bandits and hunger. 

The main mechanic of exploration is drawing a path on the map. Everytime you start the game, a new random 2D terrain is generated procedurally with random positions for enemies and resources. This way, the players will always experience a new journey for each game session. With our game's unique feeding mechanic, players will face a dillemma when it comes to the survival of refugees. Different refugees will have different amounts of health which will affect the distribution of food amongst themselves.


[LEFT CLICK] on the grid points close to your position to make a path. Press [Space] to walk on the path. Press [Esc] to cancel the selection.

You need 2 moves to cross water (with 5 spare parts for creating raft) and 3 moves to cross mountains.

You will find Bandits, Broken Huts, Food and Spare Parts along the way.

Bandits will either steal one food item or attack one of the refugees losing them 3 health points.

[RIGHT CLICK] on the resources to collect them and repair the broken huts.

Broken huts will require 5 Spare Parts and will yield you 2 food items.

Characters will lose 2 health points for every 5 moves taken.

Click on the character potraits to feed them food. They will recieve 3 health points for each food item consumed.

The objective of the game is to find the shelter before hunger kills you.


Developed for BYOG 2017, by Team Alpha.

- Akshay Goel, Aniruddha Hardikar


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October 16, 2017

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