Enter the Battle Arena! Starring for the first time the Oko Family, fighting for honor of the family in the O-Land.

Oko - S, the scientists in the O-Land has given different shells and powers to Oko to win the battles and to collect more formulations enabling upgrade of inventory. The Experimental shells range from Bomb-Shells to Zone-Shells to Magical Powers. The science Homosepiens have dreamt of is already being tried in the O-Land. 

Bomb-Shells : Nuke, Velocity, Mine, Flashe, etc.
Zone-Shells : Poison Zone, Slow Zone, Diffuse Zone, etc.
Powers : Invisible, Healing, Defense Wall, etc.

Lead Oko to victory and win trophies, formulations, Power-ups and glory! 
Its not just a mad shoot out battle, you need to use your inventory and strategize real time to win the battle. 


  • Duel players from around the world or challenge your friends.
  • Easy control options: Joystick or Tap 'N' Move.
  • Tap and Shoot, easiest control for mobile. 
  • Getting social gamers to level up and take a leap forward.
  • Win and earn chests to collect powerful formulations to upgrade your inventory.
  • Upgrade the inventory you wish to, with commonly shared formulations.
  • Win and collect trophies to advance to new levels and unlock new technology, new bomb/zone shells and powers.
  • Make your ultimate battle inventory.
  • Practice your aims on a randomly moving Oko - D.
  • Play with Random inventory and win to get more gold and trophies. 
  • Use strategic combinations to make ultimate winning combinations.
  • Share your videos and earn more gold on each like, and chests on reaching some milestones.

Coming soon: 

  • Coming up with more and more levels plus new weapons.
  • Enabling 2 vs 2 mode.
  • Making Oko sub clans to be the best.
  • Enable e-sports competition around the world. 

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February 28, 2018

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