Battle Of Vengeance - The Retribution


The war is not yet over, you thought it did! Now the fight has to be fought once and for all to reclaim what has been snatched and to bring justice to the land. Battle of Vengeance is all about taking the battle to the enemy’s gate. 

Battle of Vengeance welcomes you to a world of a captivating battlefield. Enrapture yourself in a stunning Adventure game set in a gorgeous 3D environment. Explore a vast and ancient castle with secret vaults and hidden paths. Kill as many enemies as it takes to reach your goal and complete the mission. 
The story begins when The Great King of Tairia, King Shampsus, invaded the land of Gima, the supreme leader of a hideous monster race. They were known for cruelty, savageness, abuse and injustice. The King wanted to put an end to the atrocities they have been carrying out on the innocent countrymen of Tairia for centuries. King Shampsus massacred the entire race and brought peace to his land. 
But the days of darkness were not very far. The king of all monsters, Lord Gima has just emerged from this great defeat. The lordship between the King and Gima is not there anymore. He declares revolt against the King whom he was a faithful servant to. Lord Gima wants to take revenge for the killings and the desolation the King did to his tribe. 
King Shampsus has just been handed over a letter from one of his old devotees. It is from none other than The king of all monsters, The Lord Gima. Gima abducted the queen and he is eagerly waiting for King Shampsus to come and submit himself. 
Your mission is to rescue the queen from the clutches of this evil monster who is engulfed in the darkness of vengeance and retribution. 
-Third Person RPG 
-Mission based game 
-Smooth gaming controls. 
-Get special swords for killing enemies. 
-Discover a secret passages and gain health boosters. 
-Captivating background score and sound effects. 
Battle of Vengeance is a game about fierce fights, adventure and vengeance. Follow your heart and save the Queen, suffering in shackled imprisonment. Find out the truth for yourself and decide whose side are you on.

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March 30, 2017

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