Bird Of Light


Name: Bird of Light 
Genre: Arcade action/puzzle platformer
Platforms: iOS, Android
Free-to-play with IAPs.
Bird of Light blends grid-and-tile based 2D puzzles with traditional 3D twitch swipe-and turn running and jumping. 
A challenging game that tests the players' logic, memory and skill, 
the design of the game allows players to come up with multiple solutions for levels.
The game also features interactive story panels that can be unlocked as the game is played.
Some other features:
  • Smooth and intuitive controls form the core of the game.
  • Unlockable tiles with additional functionality
  • 21 Handcrafted levels that can be played multiple ways
  • Medals (Achievements) that unlock story panels as the game progresses
  • Rich low-poly 3D environments and all-original art.
  • Custom music score

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December 12, 2015

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This Game can be a endless-game killer....

Rahul Sehgal's picture

Yes we hope so too!! :)

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