Blocky Olympics Weightlifiting


The summer Olympic games are here and this is is your ultimate chance to show support for your team and your country needs you. So join us in this different kind of Olympic game, Blocky Olympics Weightlifting. Playing in Olympic games has never been so easy. Get your fingers warmed up for the ultimate game of weightlifting because you'll need them, a lot. Our tagline is **Tap For Glory** You tap, you win, you win more. Get to fame my among your fellow countrymen by winning few golds, silvers and bronze at Blocky Olympics. Are you ready for this tappy challenge.

Blocky Olympic Weightlifting gives you the opportunity to support to your country. Just play this game and win as many medals as you want. The more medals you win the more support for your country in this Rio Olympics 2016

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October 10, 2016

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