Bluff Party


Bluff Party is currently in soft launch in the Philippines!

Bluff Party is the first online multiplayer card game where you get to bluff your friends and family all the time instead of just during holidays and vacations! Grab this game for free and play this entertaining yet simple card shedding game with real players.

Bluff Party is both single player and multiplayer so you will always get a game when you want one.

The rules are simple, get rid of all your cards without getting caught bluffing and win the game or eliminate all your opponents by calling out their bluffs.

However, there are a few twists that make Bluff Party a party! 
It's fast paced:
You only have three lives which you lose if you get caught bluffing or call someone else's bluff wrong!

It's competitive:
You get to unlock and use special boosters like:
SHUFFLE to shuffle an opponents cards
JOKER to get an extra joker at epic moments in game
CARD ATTACK to send cards back to your opponents when you need divine intervention

It's cute: 
Play with the Party Animals like Bruff the dog, Sherlock the meerkat, Brock the shark and Jimmy the hamster..

Keep playing to level up and unlock awesome features like: 
1. Hilarious emoji packs to chat
2. Card decks of your favourite Party Animals in the game!
3. Boosters to kick butt in game and coins to get more stuff!

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September 30, 2015

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