Travel through beautiful mountains, serene valleys and harsh deserts, solving Blyss' puzzles while completing arduous challenges, unlocking hand-crafted achievements and climbing those leaderboards.

Blyss is an elegant ‘procedural’ puzzle experience. It's an endless game, intricately wrapped in a soothing atmosphere of ambient themes. Each theme has its own handpicked music and is created with an intention of providing a varying range of emotional experience to the player.

Blyss is very simple and clear with its gameplay objective, i.e. eliminate every single dot populating the screen and reaching the highest level you can. It’s achieved by swiping the blocks in sets of 3s and 4s. The swipes work both horizontally and vertically, but not diagonally. The game offers 3 different game modes, namely Endless, Time-Attack and Playground, to let players test their mental metal in a slightly twisted set of rules.

Blyss was the first Indian game on to recieve Global Editor's Choice Feature iOS AppStore, the biggest possible feature on the store. After multiple stages of soft launch Blyss was completely launched on iOS and eventually Android. After numerous other major features, the game also received "Free App Of the Week" global feature on the iOS Appstore this April, the only game from India to get one so far. The game also hit top 10 globally in Games Category during the game period.


Released On

January 19, 2017

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