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Welcome to Bollywood! 

Meet Super Singh Soda in his high flying, Bollywood debut! He's the all knowing, brash, cocky, full-of-himself but still loveable quintessential Bollywood Hero. He's hell bent on rescuing the damsel from the Gundas and Mawallis while still unsuccessfully romancing the girls with his (supposedly) irresistible charm. 

Get ready for some Bollywood song, dance and high flying fights! Take control of Super Singh Soda in this non-stop, endless running, rhythmic brawler as he goes from level to level fighting off the local Gundas of the streets. Fight off the enemies attacking Soda to the beat of the booming Punjabi music as he races through the streets of India in his mission to save the girl. 



  • Run from level to level avoiding obstacles and collecting coins
  • Fight hordes of enemies flying in to attack Super Singh Soda from all sides 
  • Fight to the beat to gain extra points and gain perfect 'acting points' for each level
  • Complete all 50 levels to complete the campaign and save the girl
  • Unlock all of Soda's fighting moves while he's running and fighting through the Gunda gangs

-- More features Coming Soon: 

  • Special power-ups and moves to buy and unlock in the store
  • New Music tracks to dance and fight to
  • New modes, including an Endless Running mode 

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December 15, 2017

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