Boom Shiva


After 4 months of Public Feedback on the Demo Version, Boom Shiva was launched on May 24th, 2017.
Play as the legendary hero Shiva in this highly rated Indian Game.
You will come across Mythological Gods and Beasts in this  exciting adventure.
New elaborate Boss Battles where you have to use strategy instead of violence. 
Shiva has to go through 15 + levels filled with varied gameplay styles such as platformer, runner, action and story driven adventure.
This game can be enjoyed by Children and Adults. There is no violence in the game. It is a story about how Shiva saves the world after humanity destroys it.
First ever Indian game made with an original character & story concept, with all its Indian authentic essence , conceptualized and developed in India.
It features an Original Music Soundtrack. 
Every level of Boom Shiva has a unique gameplay element. There are hidden artifacts in every level that has to be found in order to earn more Stars.
Boom Shiva Features!
  - 15 + Highly entertaining and challenging Levels.
  - Health and Shield Power Ups.
  - Weapon Power Up using Shiva's Third Eye.
  - You can earn upto 3 stars for each level by finding hidden symbols.
  - Travel through India in this Atmospheric game about the legendary hero Shiva.
  - Advanced lighting system with better ambiance. 
  - Optimized for tablets.
  - Can be played by all ages.
  - Advisable to use Headphones to enhance your experience and enjoy the original soundtrack of Boom Shiva.  
  -Highly responsive touch-controls.
  - User Friendly Interface.
Boom Shiva will be further explored in Part 2, coming soon.

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May 24, 2017

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