Bounce Up!


Bounce Up! is a fast paced, free obstacles game that will challenge your skills and reflexes. Each level is designed to make you choose the right path while making quick decisions to avoid the moving obstacles.

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Features of Bounce Up! Game:

- Improve your reflexes: this challenging, free ball bouncing game will require concentration and skill as you make your way through the platforms. Avoid the obstacles, complete the levels and beat your best score: Bounce Up! is an exciting time killer arcade game full of brain teasing levels.
- Challenge your friends: collect the stars and beat your friends' best scores. Bounce Up! is addictive, fast and even raging at times — because of the complexity of some fast levels. But if you know that your skills will defeat any foe that comes your way, there's nothing to fear: all you have to do is bounce your way up to victory!
- Show off your progress: unlock new exciting characters to train your reflexes with the total stars collected. Then, compete with your friends or family to have more fun - and see who rages the most... or has the most skill!

Do you like challenges and endless arcade games? Then Bounce Up! is for you: this free reflex game was designed with just the right mix of exciting, raging and fast levels to be difficult for even the most experienced player — and improve the reflexes of the average player.

Do you just want to kill time when you're bored? Bounce Up! is the perfect puzzle platform game for you! It features plenty of levels to make sure you're never bored - and addicting time killer.

Design & Developed by Capermint Technologies.

Released On

December 16, 2017

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