Kingdom of Peria is one of the wonderful and peaceful places. Peria has got one of the strongest armies in the world. But their whole strength lies in their bowmen, known for their accurate and stunning shooting skills. The kingdom is surrounded by thick woods and denser forests. The forest is filled with most cruel race of cannibals and half men. The race is locally called as Gwaunnas. Gwaunnas gradually got stronger and started attacking the civilians of Peria. It has become really a difficult task for the king to handle the situation and sent the army to call an end to the notorious race in woods. The kingdom's army in chief Aziath has different thing in mind, he do not want to waste the valuable lives of army for the cruel race and he want to handle the situation alone. King was surprised for the decision of Aziath and asks Necromancer to guide Aziath and help him out in his adventure.


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October 30, 2015


raju peela's picture

Awsome game......
I liked it very much.......
all the best Red & Black team

praneeth nandi's picture

Very impressive........
Hero character was too good specially the bow
eagerly waiting for the release .......All the Best ---> The Red & Black

Nice game...very impressive effort.,all the the red and black

A fantasy based game with a touch of good old simplicity...
Took me back to my good old gaming days,
great work by the red and black team

Really impressive and awesome experience with the game. Mainly I liked the lead character (HERO) & his BOW. The design & graphics are decent. The characters, play all are in very good INDIAN STYLE.
I will play it again & recommending everyone to give a shot...!!!

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