I, Nikhil Gupta from Bharti Vidyapeeth , Amplify-DITM, Pune with a friend if mine Aditya Mankar from K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai. ​ Have recenctly developed a 2d game , which is on play store right now by the name of ChalkBlock.
​About : The game consists time based levels and challenging situation , with an interesting theme and a different game mechanic.We have tried to keep the theme only to chalk and board and pushed our imagination to what a school kid would wounder when the class is too boring (it always.....;))and has nothing else to do.
In this game you will have a pair of blocks ,the paths of these blocks are defined either vertical or horizontal , the movement of the blocks depends on the type of level , its either movable or non-movable , but when you press 'GO' the same colored blocks will move towards each other and will be destroyed which is the goal of the game , make sure that the different colored blocks don't touch each other or you will be stuck . Also there are obstacles that will be between the blocks , you will have to avoid them , keeping in mind that when you press 'GO' all the blocks will move together.

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September 27, 2017

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