Counter Espionage Remix!


GAME OBJECTIVE: Kill your opponent before s/he kills you!
STORY: You and your opponent are 2 Spies on neutral territory trying to kill each other. 
BACKGROUND: ( Espionage + Remix) : This is a remix of the concept of counter-espionage mixed with 2D third Person Action Games.
1. Click Mouse Outside Help Area to Hide Help
2. Click and Drag Mouse Up and Down on Help Text to Scroll up or down within help text.
(1) Attach 2 GamePads 
(2) Click Configure and set up GamePads.
(3) Click Play to Play Game
(1) This is a game concept by Nalin Savara ( | and Ritu V 
(2) This game refers to and borrows extensively from CoronaSDK Sample and Demo Code.
(3) Credit to Spy Icon- Free Icon by Icon8
As per Icon8 Terms of Use:
Thanks to Icons8 for the <a href="">Spy Male icon</a>

Released On

October 21, 2016

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game looks good, im interested to play this for fun and add some walls or crates to take cover. the way you've explained the about your game and tutorial in the video is really good (i know you're using mobile camera and doing all alone) but you've explained from starting to the end which is good.

thanks a lot Mr.TVSS Sai - I really appreciate your kind feedback- thank you.
I will surely try to add these in an upcoming version of game.
Meanwhile-- feel free to drop me an email on -- and I can send you links to a demo of our game.
Also, what's your name ? and what do you do ? If ok - feel free to add me on : and to follow me on quora:

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