Covert Cop



This is the final updated version of our game


Watch as our Talented cop snatches the data from the evil clutches, where he faces many difficulties and obstacles on the way.

Watch as he moves on with atmost stealth where he wont be caught by any body. 

"Covert cop" is a 2D platformer game with an amazing art quality 

The objective is to reach the destination that is the data point at the end of the level, evading and timing your way through all the traps and obstacles in each stage.

This game is made for BYOG 2016 


Designers and concept artists - 

B.V Bharath reddy

Ravi chandra

Shravan elluru

Character Animations - 

Vishnu vardhan reddy

Developer - 

Basheer ahmed



Released On

October 22, 2016

Available For


The game is crashing on my device(MOTO G1) when i jump, something to do with the game's physics(Impulse). Is there a PC build of this game ? The game looks fun from the screenshots

The jump bug is removed now, sorry for the late reply :)

If is an interesting game with very good look environment

Too many glitches but.. the game is good!

That's an awesome gamee

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