Crypto Soldier


Theme: Cyber Securiry in emerging Technologies - Crypocurrency

NOTE: Click "Run Anyway" in case your PC blocks installation.

Cypto Soldier is a system developed to protect Cryptocurrency from hackers!

You play as a Crypto Soldier; eleminate hacker programs and other cyber threats. At the same time you need to make sure you do not eleminate real tranactions and account access.


  • Hacker Programs
  • Data packets with wrong security code
  • Fake crypto currency


  • Actual crypto currency
  • Data packets with valid security code


Leaderboard in the game shows top 3 Crypto Soldiers. Fight hard for top places.

Use Arrow keys to rotate your cyber cannon. Hit Spacebar to shoot delet code.

Enjoy Cyber Thrill with "Crypto Soldier"!

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November 27, 2017

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Nice effects.. 

Thanks Saravanan!

Glad you like effects. Hope you are enjoying the game :)

did u get any update on results?


Not yet. Hope they will announce results soon

yea bro.. lets hope so

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