3D Tetris mix with Match-a-three. CuberiX is an arcade style match-a-three game. Enjoy the classic environment and jazz music.
Play and Earn Real Rewards. Refer your friends to earn talk-time recharge.
Enough of candy and crush and saga. Forget your candies and lollies, save soda for your drinks. Play the all new original game, CuberiX
Inspired by the classic Tetris and the infamous annoying Match-a-three cult:
  • Place cubes with different colors in 3X3 grid
  • Match three cubes of same color to Score Points
  • Match cubes - Horizontally or Vertically
  • Make consecutive Match to get Multipliers and Boost Your Score
Boinker Cubes, cubes with special powers. Use Boinker Cubes to your advantages:
  • Chameleon Cube - Adopts the Color
  • The Block - Can only be removed by Boinker Cubes
  • Inferno Cube - Removes one cube
  • Yin Yang Cube - Removes row and column 
  • TNT Cube - Removes one level beneath it
Plan your moves to strategies and beat your High Score. Beat the leaderboards and brag about it.
Enjoy and have fun in beating the high score in Trippy Mode.
Let your senses fool you in Trippy Mode

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September 15, 2015

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