An innovative cube puzzle that keeps the player engaged on multiple levels. SImple colours and a soft, slick interface with minimal colours make it a premium experience. The game is also uniquely designed keeping in mind accessibility options making it suitable even for those with visual impairment and colour blindness. 
The 2 modes in the game are completely opposite - Thinkster urges you to patiently think your way to the solution, while Everchanging tests the quick thinking ability of players.
- Position of the Blue cubes are randomly generated.
- Player can change any black cube to blue cube if he has enough crystals.
- To collect the crystals the player has to have a blue cibe below to crystal to collect.
- Player can only move on the blue cubes which are parallel to the player. Player cannot move on the diagonal blue cubes.
- Player can walk to the objective cube even when he is diagonal. 
- No blue cube is required beneath the objective.
- The rows and columns rotate automatically in random order.
- To reach the objective player has to find a way past the obstacles or destroy the obstacles if he has enough crystals.
- Player can only move on the cubes which are parallel to the player. Player cannot move on diagonal tiles.
- Some obstacles are static while some obstacles are interactive when the player reaches in their range.
- Info on each of the obstacles and their abilities is explained by holding tap for 2 seconds on any obstacle.

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December 24, 2016

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