Darkarta: Quest for your lil honey


Have you ever loved anyone - more than your life?
'Darkarta: Quest for your lil honey' is an adventure point & click game. Black magic themed fantasy story revolves around the epic journey of a mother in search of her lost daughter through dimensions to Netherworld, an exotic unexplored world - through the forgotten civilization of Indus valley! This is a fictional story with some inspiration from Purana (Indian epics) and world archaeological history! Specifically we are aiming to take adventure gamers through an unforeseen mystic world(civilization) - that they haven't yet experienced before!

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March 31, 2016

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Nice game and attractive theme. Got a chance to explore through Indian epics.

Ajish Habib's picture

sorry for this delay, thanks beyond words from the crew

Exciting!!Waiting for launch

Ajish Habib's picture

sorry for this delay, aims for spring next year.
thanks from the crew for your hearty wishes

Jeanna Reed's picture

Lots of different games to play hours of fun

Ajish Habib's picture

thanks a lot jeanne :)

Promo is really owsem..

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happy to hear from you onkar

Nasif NM's picture

am waiting for the Grand Launch !
All the best TuttiFrutti Team :)

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thanks dear :)

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