Dead Among Us


A first person zombie shooter with a twist of archery and first of its kind single hand controls!
Hunt the walking dead with bows and arrows in this sniper-style zombie shooter with one-hand controls. Put your destiny to test through multiple quests across various cities. Be the hero you were born to be!
The most preserved and hazardous virus, Ceres has been released in the city due to an explosion at the Heckle Corporation's Cell Research Unit. Ceres, known to be highly contagious has resulted in turning hosts into flesh craving, walking dead - the Zombies, all over the region!
The anger and the grief of losing loved ones to the virus has made humans determined to save the planet! You, a gold medalist in archery, along with a few survivors and scientists, are on a mission to save the mankind. While your team goes out on the field to collect supplies and zombie samples to develop Ceres anti-virus, it is YOU who protects them from the zombie horde, shooting the walking dead with your bow & arrows from various vantage points. 
You are the only savior of the planet!
* INTENSE ZOMBIE KILLING GAMEPLAY with more than 150 quests
* Single handed gameplay so you can play in any position!
* 15 unique and challenging locations
* Stunning 3D graphics
* Relentless zombies
* Variety of power ups to help you kill the Walking Dead - Radar, Slow Time and Kill Shot
* Own and customize an arsenal of bows.
Killer Power Ups:
* Slow Time - Go slow motion & aim for that super headshot
* Radar - Keep a tab on all zombie movements & strategize 
* Kill-Shot - Kill even the strongest zombie in one shot 
Face the vicious Zombie onslaught, guard the survivors as they go on supply runs and protect scientists as they collect zombie samples to research the antivirus against the infection.
Challenge! Are you ready?

Released On

June 4, 2015

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