Defence of Cardbodia (Co-op Multiplayer, Local, Lan)


LITERALLY! Wholesome cardboard goodness awaits! 


But before that, NOTE:

The game was made to be played in a PC while also using an android device to work as a 'networked' controller. The game does not require an active internet connection to play but a local network and a stable connection with the base game is necessary for it to work. The game is meant to be played with a few friends together. 

PC for the game screen. Android to run the controller. Friends to have some fun with. Upto 4 players.



Use the Android based controller to control your left and right arms respectively and set ablaze those evil Feys. How dare they step foot into the holiest shrine ever!

INSTRUCTIONS: (PS: Download links are on the right side -----> ;)

PC: Double click on the .exe file to open the PC version of the game.

Mobile: Download and install the .apk file. After that is done, start the app "GJGame".

PC: Click on Server. The game has started.

Mobile: Type the IP Address on the field and click on Client. The game is now live for you. (Mobile should be on the same network.)


Repeat mobile steps for multiple players. Upto 4.



RISE! Warlock, it is time ... Time to attack Cardbodia and summon the great demon! 

Meanwhile in Cardbodia, you have just completed basic sorcerer's training and are thinking about mastering the art of the arcane. I must practice more if I want to become a warlock!

Protection of the Shrine of Tjul'ek Naazh is one of teh most revered missions in Cardbodia.

We're under attack!

Take up arms along with other sorcerers as you fight the evil forces of the Fey and protect the shrine. Will you be able to handle it all? Don't forget your spells!

JAM with some butter:

So, every art asset made in this is original. The background score used has a CC 3.0 license. And a bit on the development side, this was the first time I participated alone and I was scared af but I'm actually satisfied with the art assets. Given the time for the jam, I had to compartmentalize everything! It's an entirely different experience when you do it alone. The cardboard images are created from real cardboard that I had photographed in the morning yesterday. Everything else is edited in GIMP. If the game throws some bugs at you, please let me know in the comments or messages! Thanks! 


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