Dragon Trials


Seeking free dragon games 2017 to have fun at dragon legend? Day Dreamz Studio introduces Dragon Trials, in Dragon Island the brand new dragon race 3d packed game with arcade action, awesome Dragon Island for stunning levels and more Twist Dragon Levels. 

Enjoy the 3D fantasy dragon land while riding a furious dragon over the hilly tracks, Dragon in City and Train a dragon, run and compete! The more you are conscious,the more in Dragon in the faster you will ride the distance to boost up ranks Twist of Dragon with Mania of Dragon Fun in Dragon Island With Monster Game with Twist of Dragon Fun with Dragon Twist Fun Game

Download Dragon Trials for Android one of the best free dragon games 2017 with unique challenges for racing game lovers.Dragon in City Over 100 challenging levels Dragon beware from missiles, avoid weird bombs, Dragon Island at dragon legend by dodge fast moving cannons of Monster Game and aim precisely to hook up on next destination of Mania of Dragon.

Way To Play:
• Tap on device to jump on dragon legend
• Use left/right buttons to train a dragon with special sliding stunts.
• Play with a conscious mind

• Superb graphics with amazing simulation game play with Dragon Game
• More 100 + Adventure Creative Levels
• Lot of achievements to explore different worlds
• Amazing 3D adventurous dragon racing game full of action and thrill. 
• Become king of dragon land via secret levels
• Multiple missions in dragon race 3d
• A complete dragon simulator game

Stay tuned for regular updates in Dragon Trials. New levels and features will be added soon!

Check out tutorial to have an idea about to train a dragon to win this dragon race 3d game. Challenge mode and Flappy mode are there to entertain the people of all generations. Furthermore next levels with power up, golden canal including lot of twists and enjoyment adds more excitement!

Have Fun!! All The Best Guys for this free dragon games 2017!!

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September 29, 2017

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