Drive India


Its necessary to follow all traffic rules in every country and every road. Traffic rules are meant to make all people safe including drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists etc... Therefore you need to have a better understanding of traffic signs and traffic symbols before getting into the road.

"Drive India" game teaches you all traffic rules should be followed in Indian roads with stunning 3D realistic graphics and in a fun way. "Drive India" teaches on lane discipline, one way, Traffic Signals by Electronic signal systems, Traffic signals by Traffic police. 

* Different levels for teaching and illustration of each rule
* A Free Drive track
* Learn all road signs in a single place
* Mumbai City in the 3D environment. Look at gorgeous Gateway of India and Taj and drive around
* Traffic police and animations (coming soon)
* People with AI (coming soon)
* Augmented Reality (AR) Track (Coming soon)
* Virtual Reality (VR) experience (coming soon)
* More rules and tracks (coming soon)
* Highway Drive experience (coming soon)
* Different cars and trucks to drive (coming soon)





Released On

April 6, 2018

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