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This is a Sci-Fi game inspired from the famous Terminator series.

The human world is taken over by the machines and humans have to keep their heads low to survive.

Instructions: (Sorry the game does not explain this properly, I had too little time to work on all the aspects)

  • The gamplay is simple, Humans deploy the scavenger drones, fly around the abandoned city and look for supplies.
  • All supplies are GREY cubes. Once the drone reaches them they turn GREEN or BLUE.
  • Green are Bio Supplies, needed for Human Survival.
  • Blue are Tech Supplies, needed to upgrade the drones.
  • Drones must Trigger EMP in order to nutralize the Bots Patrolling the city. This enables humans to gather the identified supplies, before the bots come online again!
  • After timer is over Auto EMP is triggered
  • Firing EMP or hitting the Enemy Danger Range or Traps destroys the Drones.
  • There are limited drones per level, so be efficient.
  • Levels can also be reset if you run out of Drone and try the level again.
  • For every 5 Tech supplies timer increases by 10 Secs for a particular level.

This is NOT a COMPLETE game. It's just a prototype, a playable build to share the idea.

I am looking to make it a complete game series with future scope like:

  1. ​More Levels with proper destroyed city graphics
  2. Destroyer Drones: that will fire at enemy
  3. Multiplayer Mode: People can co-op to pilot scavenger and destroyer drones or team battles
  4. Story Mode: I had a story drafted but could not implement
  5. lite version available on mobile platform (which I originally wanted)

I welcome more Ideas and People to help me make this a real project very soon.

I had just 2 weeks to implement the idea for the Upcoming Games Category, so kindly excuse if you find any issues with the game, but do share your feedbacks.

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March 31, 2016

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Nice game!

Thank you :)

Nice game

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