Duplex - Amazing Brick


Endless, mind blowing double, triple & quadruple run game where you have to survive as long as possible from the bricks that are coming your way from two, three & four different platforms simultaneously. You have played plenty of run games. Duplex takes the runner games to an entirely new level. You can play the game in neon or pixel theme.

Classic Brick is a multiple run game. Navigate your way through bubble obstacles while keeping an eye over multiple run tracks in this minimalist run game. Avoid bricks & bubbles from getting popped.

Modes - 
● 2 Blocks - Classic : Control 2 bubbles on 2 lanes simultaneously. Tap once and orientation of both the blocks changes.

● 2 Blocks - Rubik : A theme dedicated to Rubik's cube solvers.

● 2 Blocks - Mirror : One lane. Obstacles are released from the center of the lane as if there is a virtual mirror placed at halfway. Control the two blocks placed at two ends of the lane with single tap.

● 2 Blocks - 2 Controls : Classic mode with two separate controls for the two blocks. Tap in the top half screen to navigate upper block and bottom half to navigate bottom block.

● 2 Blocks - 2 Controls (Inverse) : This is like above mode but with inverse controls. Tap on TOP half to control LOWER block and vice verse.

● 3 Blocks - Classic : Navigate 3 blocks with one tap.

● 4 Blocks - Classic : Navigate 4 blocks with one tap.

● 4 Blocks - Mirror : 4 blocks in 4 quadrants. Navigate them with single tap.

Features - 
1. Beautiful artwork.
2. Themes change after every few attempts. 
3. Upbeat music.
4. Simple to play.
5. Minimalist
6. Engaging gameplay. 
7. Neon Bubble theme.
8. Pixel theme.

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December 6, 2014

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