DUTI : Driving Under The Influence (Unreleased)


Duti – Driving under the influence as the name suggests is a game wherein you have to save lives on the road from a drunk driver by just swiping right or left. The DUI (Driving under the Influence) car is not in your control and goes haywire on road. What’s in your control is to save all the others from the danger of being hit by the DUI car. The aim is to save as many lives as possible.

It’s Game time:

Once the game starts, a random story comes your way. We have developed wonderful stories to start off and explain the main reason for “Drink and Drive”. Find out the intriguing stories for yourself now! Stories come from the different segments of society. 
The DUI vehicle is at par with the story you are living through the game and definitely makes it worth your while. The vehicle that the drunk driver drives could be anything ranging from small cars to trucks.
The DUI car is not in your control, but all the other car on the road are. Simply swipe the cars left or right to save them from the DUI car.
The phones on the way are an indication that the drunk driver receives a call and thus drives even more roughly which in turn increases the speed of the vehicle abruptly for some time. Driving and phone calls can never go hand in hand
The alcohol bottles on the way create another scenario wherein the driver gets drunk even more and thus the driving goes crazier.

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October 24, 2017

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