Screenshots is a Massively Multiplayer Online game (MMO) which can be played on Android and iOS mobile devices. The game is interesting and has a handful of features which could be unlocked by playing more games.

Players can pick a fish from a collection of 7 different fish which needs to be unlocked by playing games and opening fishbowls which are received at the end of the game. 

As the game starts the players are born in the sea and they need to eat the seaweeds and smaller fish to grow big in size. They need to pursue and eat the smaller fish in the game to gain the rank in the leaderboard. Each of the 7 fishes have different skills which can be used to defend from being attacked. All the fishes have the ability to split and increase the speed.
Players can choose from tap to move and virtual joystick to navigate inside the game. The controls can be customized inside the settings window. 
Features of
► Beautifully Crafted Ocean Theme & Animated Fishes
► Multiplayer Games - Up to 20 Players per Game
► Get your Top Player Badges from Leaderboard
► Multiple Touch Controls - Tap or use Virtual Joystick
► Share your Score via Social Sharing
► Top the Daily Leaderboards and unlock Fish Bowls, Fish Tanks and Coins
► Take part in daily Tournaments and unlock epic & legendary rewards!
► Collect items and unlock 18 different fishes & their evolutions!
► Eat and Get Rich – Collect Gold while you Eat!
► New Fishes - Unlock Fish Bowls & Tanks to Win New Fishes!
► Customize your fish with new skins
► Earn XPs, badges and special skins
► Daily Shops and Promotions for rare tanks, unlimited gold & more
► Gift your Friends a share of your purchase, even the rarest ones!
► Unlock New Fish Bowls and Fish Tanks with Shells
But watch out! In this fish game, the bigger you are, the slower you will be. So, use your best strategy and use your super powers to attack and escape from other bigger fishes!



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