Evil Inc.


Evil Inc. is a Party/ Drinking game, where the players play as super villains and come up with masterplans!

If they succeed in pitching something the other villains approve of, they are safe, but if they fail to convince the others to join their evil-menace, then they have to suffer through embarrassing challenges. 


When you start a round, you will see the objective, this is what you are planning to accomplish with you plans. Below, this shows the modifier, these are optional tasks the player can do to make their pitch more convincing. 

After this, you will be introduced to three words - you will have to pitch your idea using these three words. Behold! But there is a timer attached too... all pitches must be completed in 15 seconds!

Once the timer is over and the plan is formed, the other villains vote if the plan was a success or a failure, if they succeed, they are safe, if they fail, they take a dare!.


Platform: Android 

Play the game here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9aJMLq8AmXFdllIS2VVZTBWZUE?usp=...

Game by: XXII Degree Halo



Released On

October 22, 2016

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This game is not related to any of the themes of set A

Hello there,

Thank you for the comment, but it does follow constraints. In the game, we give people 'Objectives' for which they have to plan for, these are a diret reflection of the theme of 'Espionage'. Further, our main goal was to make people role-play as an evil-mastermind, (you can find references to this in the help/ tutorial, where we say "Hello there, evil genius"), this supports the theme of "Identity".

From set B, it suits the theme of "Rush", which is evident from the timer and the theme of "Skills", where the player actually requires some skill to pitch ideas and come up with weird-creative stories.

I hope you find this answer satisfactory.
If there is anything else, please let me know, so that we can further better our Game Making skills.
I understand why to there was a confusion, we apologise for it, this was because we were new to the engine and we gave us on a constraint regarding the amount of text in the game.


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