Fantasy Football Kicks


Fantasy Kick Rugby Showdown presents you with a good dose of sportiness at your fingertips! 
We all have our favorite games- Rugby Showdown starts off as a simple yet thrilling game that uses first person view to put you in place of the player. Master the killer sport- Experience all the emotion and adrenaline of world class American football on your device! 
Brace yourself for the kickoff; Battle hard on the field- wits and clever moves guarantee a goal! 
There are 3 game modes:
    Clock showdown  : You get 60 seconds to score as much as possible
    Sudden death       : One chance to survive; make it count
    Skill shot               : Showoff your skills; hit the bars, through the rings, and swing in a storm
How to Play:
•        Flick to shoot.
•        Swipe to swing.
•        Clear all zones to complete the round.
•        Realistic game physics.
•        Addictive gameplay; Hard to master.
•        3 super challenging game modes.
•        Amp up your performance with special power balls– swing ball, speedy ball, no wind ball.
•        Earn experience points and virtual gold coins for your skilled goals.
Download this super game for free now!! Kickoff to a mesmerizing experience as you play hard to stand par with the league! Prepare to be bowled over!! This is the ultimate treat 2015 has to offer!!

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March 10, 2015

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