Farm in Harm


Player is a farmer , who faces a big problem in his farm , his farm is becoming a hub for the weeds(unwanted and infected plants) he has to remove them in order to save his farm.

developed BY :

 Vasireddy Chaitanya, Surya Vamsi, Vamshi Devanaboina Saivamshi, Tarun Bhola, Gopi Krishna Allamudi

The game is now in full and clean form .. the third link is the upodated one with all the bug fixs and added features !!!

Hope u enjoy the Game !!!

Thank You for your support .. it means a lot to us !!! : ) : ) : )

Released On

October 25, 2016

Available For


The game is not related to any of the themes.

so yes what are the themes now

We have six themes for you divided into two sets:

Set A
Set B
The participants had to pick a theme each from Set A and Set B, and make a game about them.

These are the themes

it is having rush ...... -> Timer concept of the game ..... isnt that rush ???
it is having Identity .......-> the infected plants to be removed concept of the game ...... isnt that identity enough ??

for more ..

it has reshuffle ........... -> every time the player completes the level or restarts level the spwan of the infected trees become different meaning random ...... isnt it remix ??
it has skill .....................-> the game by it self is a skill game ... isnt it ??

good game play love it

Very good game..definitely gets ur time passes away....

Very good game. Please concentrate more on UI enhancement.

yeah we are looking forward for it ... thanks for the feed back !!

This game looks great and I cannot wait to play it =) !!!!!

very soon we are going to put an updated one of the game where the player becomes a little more comfortable while playing the game and arcade mode is totally fixed now the timer no more just stops so yeah it is going to be fun ... !!! and we are going to put a change log as well u guys can check out that as well ..... thanks to one and all for such a response !!! : ) : ) : )

Mostly by tomorrow we are going to upload our new update with all the bug fixes and with all the additional features that we have said before with added highscores system as well !!! thank you ... !!!

As we said Here is the upload !!! Thanks to one and all for such a great support : ) : ) : )

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