Foolio is a perfect game to play when you hangout with a bunch of friends or office colleagues or family members. 

It is a multiplayer game where you fool other players by framing fake answers to some funny and rare questions. 

There is a question from one of the selected topics and each player has to submit a fake but convincing answer to that question. Once everyone has submitted their answers the app reveals n+1 answers(all fake plus one correct answer) and everyone has to choose the correct answer while no one actually knows the correct answer. 

The real fun part of the game is conversation. You try to put arguments to secretly promote your answer as the best choice without letting them know that it is the answer written by you. And just like the legendary game WereWolves the game goes on for longer time period.  

Features: Admin, Public Games, Friend List, Inviting people, Text Chat, Voice Chat

Monetisation: Paid Sets, Rewarded Video ads

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January 1, 2017

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