Fury And Refuge


Theme: Refugees and Generative

According to UN Refugee Agency, an estimated 22.5 million people have been displaced in climate or weather-related disasters since 2008. Such disasters & their aftermath prove to be a major challenge for both the survivors & various government institutions of the world.

Fury And Refuge is a game that focuses on the fight for survival during environmental disasters, and the challenges faced by the people tangled up in the aftermath of such disasters. Your role is that of a rescue official who has to navigate through these circumstances with the best of their abilities, in order to get a group of survivors to safety.

Fury And Refugee have two levels. In the first Level Player has to navigate through the hostile ocean environment to get the refugees to safety back to Island and in another level make your way through the raging river, and be a Hero.

To play the game, please Download the APK from the Store Link Section.

Please do provide us with feedback in the comment section. It will help us to improve our game.Thanks in advance!!! 
Enjoy the game,  play and have fun :)



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January 10, 2018

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Akhil Nivarthi's picture

Too hard. Especially the 2nd level where player have to tap continuously. The stream force is too much, and more over if the player collides with the rock he gets pushed back even though if the player is tapping - which makes the game frustrating. And for the first level I prefer more of a tilt controls like temple run rather than swipe controls like subway surf. It is just my opinion - maybe you need to reduce the stream force in level 2 and make it more easier. Because player needs to tap continuously and at the same time he need to dodge the obstacles my tilting the phone left and right - this reduces my tapping speed. At the end I die, which is frustrating. It feels like more of a game mistake rather than my mistake as a player.

All the best!!!

Thanks Akhil for your feedback. we have taken care of most of the issue which you have mentioned. We are even improving on our controls mechanic. Soon will be sharing a new update for the game. 


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