Game'n'Death is an open world game in which your ultimate goal is to be a part of GOD and have access to the GOD mode. You start your life as a not so special human character who has got a daily job, you can enjoy your life by doing side missions which are not part of daily job. As you move along and get some skills, that unlocks the new opportunities eg. you learned driving and got a driving licence, then you can apply for a taxi driver job and so on, a particular job may require more than one skill/licence which may further require other skill/licence and/or dependent on the skill/licence.

As you play the game, you commit crime, it may be treated as bad/good karma, you do something good, it may be treated as good/bad karma depending on the action.

You may die while playing, YES you will, in some cases you may get saved by hospital/doctors etc. but not always for eg. you die in a road accident but you had not enough cash and no one paid that for you doctors may not save you.

If you die you get a new birth and start new life, your new life can be some animal as well, you may inherit some skills/qualities from your previous birth/s. The next creature are born as mostly depends on your previous karma and actions.


Key Features:

  • Play as different creatures eg. Human, Animal etc.
  • Play as different profession of your choice eg. Police man, Gangster, Taxi Driver, Pilot etc.
  • Complete different type of missions eg. Missions based on Shooting, Driving etc.
  • Have fun during dreams while you are asleep during night at your home/mansions
  • Example dreams: Zombie apolycapse, Weird super power etc.
  • Plan your strategies for various actions eg. Kill the house owner to occupy his/her house when the house is not for sale
  • Experience the life of an animal
  • Design your own strategy to get birth of your own choice
  • Left hand traffic system
  • Use Cheat Codes to have super powers, extra fun!
  • Highly optimized to run on different hardware specs, adjust graphics options to get smooth experience


Play the GAME'N'DEATH to know how to win the game, find different type of possible creatures you can play as, what you can do to get the next birth of your choice!

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March 16, 2018

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