GLOBE - In a State of War


GLOBE is an arcade space shoot em up with rogue lite elements.
The premise of the game is that an Alien invasion has been detected and the space station patrolling Earth has been attacked and all the astronauts have been dislodged into space, it is up to you to save all the astronauts and eliminate all threats before Earth is attacked.

The players can equip over 40 Mods from the Mod Workshop before each level. The mods have been categorized into common, rare, very rare, epic and legendary. Players can Level up their Spaceship for permanent upgrades and also make their spaceship ship a legendary spaceship.

Because of the rogue lite elements if the player loses all their lives they have to begin the game from level 1. This encourages players to equip the mods in a thoughtfully and upgrade the ship from time to time.

The game features simple two button gameplay designed with mobile gameplay in mind, the levels too have been designed with bite size sensibilities.
GLOBE features a dynamic soundtrack that keeps removing elements from the main track as the enemies keep getting destroyed.
The game is an arcade game at heart fused with modern rogue like elements. It is a shooter with a twist, the player has to avoid the enemies and pick up power orbs which allow him or her to go into an overdrive state and shoot, bringing a fresh feel to shoot em up genres. 

Example for Mods : 
1). SpaceDust Magnet - Attracts Space Dust(ingame currency) in a small radius
2). Blast Core Destroying Asteroids and Aliens creates explosions
3). Frenzy Surge Get additional Frenzy Orbs
4). Frenzy Stasis - Freeze Aliens and Asteroids in Frenzy Overdrive
5). Gargantuan - Increase the size of the Space Ship
6). SpaceDust Blast - Create small explosions on collecting Space Dust

Now you can imagine a combination of a few :)

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November 20, 2017

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