Guardian Wizard


Click/Tap : To shoot the enemies.
Left arrow key/Tilt left: Move left
RIght arrow key/Tilt right: Move Right
Life at the Harn Jungle was at peace until, an alien species named Juana, attacked ‘the creatures of the Harn - the Harnians’. The Harnians knew it well that they could barely stand against the Juana, and thus, decided to take refuge under a Wizard who used to live nearby the Harn Jungle. The wizard was not really fond of the Harnians, nevertheless, he agreed to take the quest against the Juanas and vowed to protect the Harnians till his last breath.
Being the Wizard your goal is to protect the Harnians who have come to your refuge. Using your magnanimous powers and wizard skills, you should protect them from the Juanas till your last breath. 

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October 16, 2017

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Akhil Nivarthi's picture

Nice game. But it doen't feel challenging enough after sometime. I can easily kill all enemies. Maybe the common soultion is keep on introducing new enemies but that'a a lot of content, maybe you can give a reason for player to stop shooting. For example if the player stop shooting for a while maybe he can shoot bigger bullets or maybe he needs to reload the gun or magic stick. Something. Vlambeer says in one of their talks - "If the player has a gun, give him a reason for him to stop shooting." Maybe it won't apply to every game but I feel this solution would be better for this game. And I liked the health system/bar. Small creatures romaing around you, nice one. 

All the best!!!

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