Guardians of the Dark


Some enter to fight for their sins while some enter to fight for the love of fighting. Some walk victorious while some die trying. Some become Legends while some are forgotten 
GOD is a new age MOBA with a twist. GOD is getting built with a core focus on the E-Sports audience. 
No Killing Creeps
No Farming Gold
No Buying Items
Enter the battle arena to brawl. 
10 unique characters 
3 different game modes, FFA, 1 vs and 2 vs 2 
Live Stream via
Weekly Tournaments 
Monthly mega tournaments with live streaming, casted by the best in the industry and real rewards. 
Localized in 8 Languages. 
Breath Taking Graphics 
Intense Music
Easy to play but a challenge to master
Sync data and never loose it. 


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Released On

December 15, 2015

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