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The game Hakuna's Fire is an action adventure game which is based on a rivalry between Herbivores and Carnivores in the Village of Daewon, Africa. You play as a meerkat: Hakuna, and are in search for the mystical object: The Edan Fire.
The game requires the player to Stealth his way into the enemy territory and do what is necessary for the safety of his Village. The cunning lion Ibobesi is extremely eager to stop Hakuna from obtaining this fire and has set up numerous obstacles and puzzles on Hakuna's Path.
Do you think you can outwit the cunning lion and obtain the Edan Fire for your Village? Try out this Zelda-like action adventure game and find out for yourself!

About The Project

Hakuna's Fire is an end of the year project which was create in a team of 4 Game Designers and 2 Game Artists. We worked on this project along with the regular school projects and it took us a total of 6 months to complete it (Including Pre-production time).

Duration:      6 months
Team Size:  6


  • Story Driven Adventure game
  • 5 Different Maps (3 Exploring Zones and 2 Dungeons)
  • 11 Collectables
  • Secret Hidden Bonuses
  • Various Puzzles scattered through the maps
  • Many Intractable NPC’s
  • 6 Progressive game mechanics
  • Stealth through enemy lines.
  • Map Menu with clear Objectives.
  • 5 Types of enemies. 
Naman Merchant [Game Programmer & Designer]
William Belime [Game Designer & Project Manager]
George Zacharias [Lead Game Designer]
Ram Gowtham [Game Designer]
Rahul Chavan [Character Artist]
Rishikesh Lokare [Environment Artist]

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Released On

May 30, 2015

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It's not mentioned above, but we are all Students from DSK Supinfogame Rubika, Pune.

Ram Arun's picture

Amazing game by DSK sudents!!!

Marie-Christine Belime's picture

Wonderful game ! To share to all your friends around you ! Fantastic job guy !

Great job guys, professionnalism is realy one of your major value... continue like this.

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Bon boulot!

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Good Job young boy. We see that you have been trained properly !!!

That really great

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