The Hamster's Way


The Hamster’s Way is a physics based 2d side scrolling puzzle game, where you embody a hamster and fight your way through a series of obstacles and puzzles with help of the ‘Gravity Gun’. Discover new ways to solve physics based puzzles by powerfully interacting with the environment using the gun.

Set in the outlandish universe, the game revolves around Harry the Hamster who after years of practice has successfully brought his gravity gun to life. Now he is all set to start his journey.

Play as ‘Harry the Hamster’ and traverse through bizarre rooms using your very own Gravity Gun.


  • A and D – Movement
  • W – Jump
  • Left click – Shoot Projectile from the gun.
  • Left Click – When the projectile is in air left click to activate the gravity field.
  • Right Click - Destroy Gravity Field


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October 12, 2015

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This game has good promise. It can be a lot more.

Glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for the feedback.

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